Science is the engine; Humanities is the rudder.

Technology continues its march toward medical cures, transportation wonders and engineering marvels. One of the most enduring objectives of technology is to free our time; and by doing so promote human flourishing. When the steam engine could produce more work than the manual, families spent more time around the diner table connecting and caring. Instead of travel dependent on animals alone, humans sped up and out on locomotives beyond their insular villages, making novel comparisons– leading to profound discoveries. Authors wrote stories about romantic tales on the high seas or of crossings over white frosted peaks. They could see the earth first hand through motive power, had cures to once untreatable diseases, and warmed themselves with hot showers. When we had more time, utopian art flourished and was regarded as having profound psychological importance for the future. The common vernacular was charged with possibility; once impossible notions became steady realities and we wrought vertical and horizontal dreams. Adventure to the far corners of the world was heroic, poetic, and daring. Read more >>>




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